Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crafternoon fun

I went to a wonderful crafternoon yesterday organised by The Other Fickle Pixie.

The Other Fickle Pixie
We all had a fantastic day with much knitting, wire work and card making happening! I managed to get quite a lot done, including finishing an ankle chain that I designed for my sister's wedding present and trying out a new technique involving making a wire weave round a snowflake obsidian coin. It's my first try at this technique and the result is a little wobbly, but I'm happy with it as a first go. This one will most likely be taken apart and done again. With a bit of practice I think I can get it much neater.
The ankle chain

A close up of the ankle chain

Starting point for the snowflake obsidian coin

The finished coin pendant

Tree of Life pendant using green/blue fluorspar
Large snowflake obsidian pendant using a wire weave for the bail


  1. Stunning! Really loving the wirework, and the anklet is so beautiful!