Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stress buster

After a stressful day there really is nothing better than to sit in a room full of wire and shiny beads!

Put this set together using up-cycled miracle beads, bead caps and 1mm silver plated copper wire. (OK so there's some chain, jump rings and findings in there, but they're the dull bits!)

Miracle bead set
I went into my little den all wound up and within a few minutes the familiar actions and feel of the wire forming had soothed me into an almost Zen like calm!


  1. Gorgeous!

    Love those bead caps! Where are they from?


  2. I got them from Riverside Beads on one of our trips to the NEC. 27mm large fancy bead caps. I had something else in mind for them until I saw how perfect they were for that bead!