Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cat interference


Towards the end of the week I was making a summer cuff; using gold plate wire, lucite flowers and bee charms. It's a long make with approximately 15m of wire, 45 flowers and over 4 hours of work. My cats respond differently to the prolonged concentration. Mog, the older one, sees it as competition for my attention and I have to stop her trying to sit on my work. Silent Bob, our 14 month old boy tries to join in. It's because of this that I almost dread taking a break on a long make. This time, I heard a thump from my beading room, some scrabbling noises and then Silent Bob came trotting towards me, bag of lucite flowers bouncing against him as he proudly brought them to me. He'd had to fight with them so there was a hole in the bag and he'd left a trail of flowers through the house. It took forever to clean up.

I'm really looking forward to the day I have a studio separate to the house!

Silent Bob being playful

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